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Secret RSVP

A fun, relaxed and modern way to meet IRL

How it Works

Live Event + App

1. Choose Secretly

At the event, use your phone to secretly choose whom you’re interested to meet

  • No one will know you’re interested
  • Medium to Large-Scale Events


We secretly match everyone LIVE to those you’re connected with

  • Play games while getting to know others in your small group
  • Meet many singles you’re secretly matched with
  • No one knows how everyone is connected


Many leave our events with newly-formed romantic and social connections because true chemistry only happens in real life.

How it works

Event App

Add Guest

Add those you are interested to meet to your Secret Guest list

Secret Guest list

See all the attendees you’ve added –
update your list anytime during the event

SRSVP (Secret Invites)

The algorithm matches you in real-time and invites you
to your secretly-matched groups for fun and games

Send Message

Send a message to someone you met
after the live event ends

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