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Our Story

We are a husband and wife team who met online over 20 years ago (yes, way back before it was an accepted way to meet). Because of our own experiences in online relationships, we know that chemistry does not always translate in-person. It doesn’t just arise from initial physical attraction, sharing common interests, or being matched by some algorithm. Chemistry is a complex connection that can only be sparked from meeting face-to-face. (Side note: the online dating site we met on compared our profile data with a low compatibility score – pretty low odds for a happily married couple of close to 20 years with kids!)

In 2013, we launched Secret RSVP with a passion to help singles connect back in the real world. Since then, we have refined the Secret RSVP live-matching system that aims to bring a safe and pressure-free experience for singles to find connection. Why do we do this? Really, because we care. The truth is, it is a lonely world out there. Strangely, with a technologically-connected world, we have never before felt more disconnected. Because we ourselves have been blessed with finding true love and connection in each other, we are driven to help others find the same purpose and connection with others. So far, this is what we have seen in our events and we are absolutely motivated by the difference we are making in the lives of others who venture out to find authentic connections!

So come and join us – experience a fun, low-pressure way of connecting in real-life through the power of mystery!