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Experience a fun, relaxed, and modern way to meet singles in Calgary


Choose Secretly

At the event, use your phone to discreetly select whom you’re interested in meeting.


Connect and Play

Get matched with others and enjoy engaging games in a relaxed, intimate setting with small groups.


Discover Chemistry

Explore and discover new friendships or romantic relationships.


Live-Matched Games Night!


How Events Work

Watch our quick video to see how our live-matched events help women and men find their perfect match. Understand the process, get a glimpse of what to expect, and learn why our events are a favorite among singles looking for meaningful connections.

Choose Secretly

At the event, use your phone to discreetly select whom you’re interested in meeting.

  • Choose Anonymously
    No one will know you’re interested.
  • Many Singles
    Our medium to large-scale events offer you the chance to meet a wide variety of singles in just one evening.

Connect and Play

Get matched with others and enjoy engaging games in a relaxed, intimate setting with small groups.

  • Live Secret Matching
    Get matched in real-time with people you’re secretly connected with.
  • Interactive Gameplay
    Engage in fun and interactive games in a relaxed setting with small, intimate groups.
  • Dynamic Rounds
    Each round introduces you to new groups and fresh connections, making the experience exciting and unpredictable.

“You Can Discover More About a Person in an Hour of Play than in a Year of Conversation” — Plato

Discover Chemistry

Explore and discover new friendships and romantic relationships.

  • Make New Connections
    Our events are designed to help you forge meaningful relationships, whether you’re interested in friendship or romance.
  • Harness the Power of Mystery
    The proven psychological elements of mystery captures attention and enhances attraction, making social interactions more engaging and memorable.
  • Experience Authenticity
    Engage in activities that encourage genuine interactions, helping you discover real chemistry beyond the screen.

The Impact of Our Events

After hosting over 1000s of singles we have learned a few things:

App Engagement
During Events

Attendees frequently update their guest lists as they connect or spot interesting people, making for a truly dynamic and interactive experience.


Attendees remain engaged post-event, continuing conversations based on shared experiences and talking points from the night.

Events Often Extend Into Overtime

Our hosts may be weary, but it signals a successful night! Spontaneous after-parties often form, extending the fun.

Event App

Add Guest

Add someone at the event to your Secret Guest list
This is used by the live-matching algorithm

Secret Guest list

See all the attendees you’ve added

SRSVP (Secret Invites)

During the event, you’ll receive invites to secretly matched groups

Send Message

Send a message to someone from the event
NOTE: You can only send messages shortly after the event ends

Partner Cities

In the media

Upcoming Events

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Adventure Games Night!

Due to popular demand, we’re bringing Secret RSVP for the first time ever to our distinguished singles in the 40+ age group! Enjoy an exciting Adventure-themed evening with like-minded singles! Our games are specially designed and curated to break the ice and spark authentic connections 🙂

Around the World Games

Enjoy an amazing evening with like-minded singles themed around the rich and diverse travel experiences and culture we all bring! Our games are specially designed and curated to break the ice and spark authentic connections 🙂

Ticket FAQ

What’s included?
Live-matching experience (one-of-a-kind)
Fun games
Post-event messaging

What’s NOT included?
Your fully-charged smartphone which you will use to view and add your guests.
A cash or credit bar is available for drinks which we encourage using to support the venue hosting us (drinks not included).

What’s the average size of a Secret RSVP event?
Secret RSVP events are fully-hosted, medium to large-scale events. We normally attract between 40 to 60+ singles per event, with close to equal gender ratio.

When can I see the profiles of other guests going to the event?
You can only view the profiles of event attendees once you are checked-in by our event host at the event. This also keeps your profile private and visible only to those committed to attending the event.

How does messaging work with the event app?
After the event ends, messaging will be unlocked in the app (30 – 60 minutes after) so you can start sending messages to those you met at the event and continue the social experience.

What should I bring to the event?
Your lovely self and personal fully-charged smartphone!

What’s the dress code?
Smart casual always works!

More questions? Read our Events FAQ at the bottom of the page.

Do You Accept Walk-Ins?
To ensure a balanced gender ratio and a smooth check-in experience, we don’t accept walk-ins at the door. Our events often sell out early but if any tickets are still available on the day of the event, sales will close well before the event starts.

Booking Confirmation
You will receive an email confirmation shortly after booking your tickets. If you cannot find the message in your inbox, please check your spam folder or contact us for assistance (do not make a second booking). Please review your booking carefully before checking out.

The Experience
This is an indoor experience which will take place in either a secret or revealed venue location.

Ticket Types
All tickets are issued as Standard entries and include a general admission to the experience. When tickets sell out, a waitlist will be opened.

All sales are final. See full terms and conditions.

Calgary Hosts


“Shoutout to the singles ready to mingle(yes pluralizing for rhymes is cool) in YYC! Brett is here to make you feel at ease and guide you through a fun night of games and getting to know one another.

Together we’ll create a stress-free, fun, and connected environment. Brett may sound familiar with a variety of radio and commercial voiceover work, but don’t try changing the station on your event night…. you’ll be stuck with her until the bitter end, which will come quicker than you’d expect with all the new friends you’ll be making and fun you’ll be having. 

She is also a performer with Pegasus Performances, specializing in murder mysteries here in Calgary and she promises to leave the bodies at the door (or in the trunk) to ensure an evening you won’t forget without the drama.”

Calgary Venues

We’re always on the lookout for trendy new venues and locations to run our events in. You’ll often find us in the downtown core but we’ve actually hosted events all over Calgary since launching years ago.

We also like 17th Avenue for its high concentration of pubs or over in Mission with its unique blend of upscale Irish pubs and well-heeled wine bars. Areas like Kensington and Sunnyside also have some great neighborhood pubs and fancy lounges.

Our past venues include The Bank & Baron located at 125 8 Ave SW, Bottlescrew Bills at 140 10 Ave SW and Barcelona Tavern at 501 8 Ave SW.

Calgary Singles Events FAQ

Our events are unique in every city we host in. If your question isn’t answered here, visit our event support FAQ page.

Calgary is the home of Secret RSVP so let’s just say that we have a small bias towards this wonderful city! What is not often talked about is Calgary’s extensive and amazing park and pathway system that connects the entire city. These lovely parks often overlook some of the most spectacular sceneries of Calgary’s rivers, the Rocky Mountains, and impressive downtown landscape. If you’re lucky (or unlucky depending on your level of thirst for adventure), you may even get to see some of the critters and creatures that roam Calgary’s parks – deer, elk, moose, coyotes… and the occasional cougars or even bears!

Did we also mention that Calgary was tied with Zurich, Switzerland, as the world’s 3rd most liveable city by the Economist in 2022? That’s a bonus if you’re looking for your special someone to enjoy life with!

Speaking of singles, it appears that Calgary’s dating scene is alive, with many exciting places to meet other singles. If you’re hoping to bond with nature, Glenmore Reservoir, Baker Park, Fish Creek Provincial Park, Weaselhead Flats, Bowness Park, Sandy Beach, St. Patrick’s Island Park, Riley Park, and of course, Nose Hill Park, all present great opportunities to meet other like-minded singles!

For the single foodies out there, there is no shortage of amazing restaurants across town that serve Instagram-ready cuisines – suited for all budgets and times of the day. Of course, Calgary is also well-positioned close to world-famous mountain adventures like Kananaskis, Banff, Lake Louise and Yoho National Park – all potential venues where adventurous singles gather no matter the season.

With Calgary’s singles raring to go out and socialize in real life (IRL) after two years of being locked down, it’s time to delete your online dating app. Secret RSVP is a brand new way to mingle with other awesome, fun-loving and adventurous singles like you!

All our events in every city are specially themed to suit the culture and types of singles we attract.

Since Calgary is well-known for its western culture, we have this event “flavor” baked right in (and no we’re not talking about a Stampede breakfast).

Part of the big draw to our events is the warm social theme and small group activities. So without “spilling the beans” just yet, there are many ideas planned for our western-style events & adventures.

The unique style of our singles events also fits right in with those pioneering and adventurous Calgary singles we seem to attract who have chosen the wild west of Canada as their home.

But that’s not to say everyone falls under the adventure type because we do get quite a diverse mix of singles in Calgary from a variety of professions, backgrounds, and personalities. And it’s such a cool sight to behold when different types of people are brought together in a secret way and real chemistry occurs. It’s very similar to a science experiment when mixing unknown chemicals together – it’s not a matter of “if” but “when” that spark will occur and we’ve seen it happen firsthand.

Our singles dating nights are a refreshing spin on the old and awkward singles events of the past like speed dating and mixer events.

Calgary is home to many diverse cultures with people from all over the world. It is this rich ethnic influence that explains why Calgary is so blessed with such amazing restaurants, bars and pubs. We are picky with where we host our events because we strive for venues with the right balance of having a soiree experience and being able to actually enjoy conversations, while keeping things fun, relaxed and classy. (You have to hear someone to get to know someone!)

At times, we may not reveal our event venues on the event page openly. Only event ticket holders will have access to such exclusive information when their tickets are confirmed upon purchase. This is to prevent people from crashing our parties (yes – it has happened before because tickets are limited, and it allows us to maintain an even gender ratio to optimize live matching). You can always expect Secret RSVP events to be hosted in the most trendy and publicly accessible parts of downtown Calgary. By the way, we’re always on the lookout for new venues and locations, so if you have suggestions or would love to partner with us, we are all ears.

We designed Secret RSVP as an alternative to speed dating. While some have described Secret RSVP as “online dating in reverse”, or “speed dating in groups”, Secret RSVP is really the world’s 1st live-matched events! We’ve taken the best of the most popular ways singles meet, removed the worst parts, and added our secret sauce! While some people may enjoy speed dating as a method for meeting new people, we know it’s not for everyone and definitely not for us!

There are many Calgary speed dating events and singles mixers readily available so if that’s something you enjoy, then we won’t stand in your way. But, if you’d rather do something unique, fun, modern and more interesting then you’ve come to the right place! Learn more about how Secret RSVP is different (and in our opinion, way better!) than online dating, speed dating, or singles mixers.

Learn more about how our events are a modern alternative to traditional speed dating.

All our dating nights in Calgary have a limit on specific ages, however, we do allow a 1 – 2-year leeway outside these ranges. So if you’re outside this age range, please let us know your interest by joining our club list for future events in your age group.

The best way to know what new things we have planned is to get on our Secret RSVP Club list. We’ll notify you as soon as tickets are available for any of our upcoming Calgary singles events!

We’ve actually been featured in a few places which you can read on our about page.

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