Life and Date Coaching

Whether your desired outcome is to live a fulfilling and purposeful life, find authentic love and connection, or if you just need a little help and support with navigating the sometimes complicated world around us, we’re here to help. At Secret RSVP, we believe that to be successful in your love life, you’ll first have to be successful with the things that matter most in your life. This is why your date coaching will include life coaching as well. The result is a life blessed with authentic relationships that last a lifetime.

Sometimes all we really need is a coach – one who can stand with you and behind you in this crazy world. To be honest, coaching shouldn’t come in set packages, as some so-called “Life Coaches” or “Date Coaches” will have you believe. Everyone’s situation is unique, and that’s exactly how your coaching program will be designed for you. Only pay for what you need – and sometimes, all you really need is a few great tips and you could be on your way.

So, don’t expect to get locked into a package if you won’t really benefit from one. Your coaching program will be uniquely designed for you.

Why Us?

Your coaching program is UNIQUELY tailored to your needs.
Everyone is different. For example, there is no set “recipe” for finding or being successful in finding your special someone. Nor does it make any sense to have two or four pre-arranged dates as part of your package. That’s like saying in two dates, you will (or must) find true love or you’ll have to sign up for another package. Date coaching should be unique to your individual need because that’s what you are – U-N-I-Q-U-E! A set package is, honestly, an insult to your individuality! Let us design a program that aligns with whom you are and what you need, so you’ll pay for what you need!


You will have a coach who actually lives what you want.
Many date coaches claim to be experts in dating but are still single themselves. If your desired outcome for coaching is to be an expert, serial dater, then any date coach will be able to help you. 

But if your desired outcome is to find an authentic love connection – the type that can last a lifetime – then get your advice from someone who is a living example of exactly that! 


You get the benefit of “his” and “hers” perspective.
If you’re trying to attract someone of an opposite gender, it’s quite likely you feel you can’t understand them. Of course not! Guys and gals are just different – we think differently; act differently; are motivated by different things, etc. Our program allows you to understand the different perspectives. Think of it as getting two for the price of one!


You’ll get to practice (and discover chemistry) in a real setting!
What use is a date coaching program if you don’t get to apply what you’ve learned? Secret RSVP events offer a fertile learning ground for you to practice your dating skills. Not only is it a low-pressure environment, but a fun and relaxed gathering with other singles interested in authentic experiences. If needed, we’ll design your program to include passes to Secret RSVP events near you.

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