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There is nothing out there that matches you at a live event based on real-time secret choices using your phone. We use a unique patent-pending algorithm technology that combines with elements of psychology – to connect you with others in a fun, low-pressure way where real chemistry can and does happen.

Secret RSVP is a completely offline experience. This means attendee profiles can only be seen when you are checked-in at the event by your event host. Then, you can browse profiles with your smartphone or enjoy the added benefit of “seeing” them in-person at the event.

Secret RSVP’s algorithm takes into consideration a number of things such as the attendees you add to your secret guest list; those who added you; along with many other “secret” ingredients.

Yes! All Secret RSVP events include a large group ice-breaker which is intentionally curated to allow you to get a good first impression of everyone in the room. This way, you can decide whom you’d like to add to your secret guest list to increase your chance of interacting with them in the small group rotations that follow the large ice-breaker.

To increase your chances of meeting as many people in your guestlist as possible, you should add at least three people to your secret guestlist. The Secret RSVP algorithm will generate small group connections based on everyone’s secret guestlists and other “secret” ingredients. In your small group, you will not know how everyone is connected – they may be in your small group because you added them; or they have added you; or many other reasons.  Either way, no one knows how everyone is connected, which of course, adds an exciting element of mystery in the overall experience! So the more people you add to your guestlist, the more people you will meet from your guestlist!

No. You can add as many guests as you like to your guestlist. We recommend adding at least three guests to increase your chances of being in a small group with your secret guests.

Your event host will let you know before each round to update your guestlist before he or she runs the connections for the next round.

Yes. You will not know how you are connected to someone in each round. They could be in your guestlist; or they could be in someone else’s guestlist as well as yours. Of course, they may be secretly interested in you – guess you will never know!

The number of rounds of small groups per event will depend on several factors, including the duration of the event, the number of attendees, the nature of the small group activities, and the duration of each round. A typical Secret RSVP event usually includes a large-group ice breaker, followed by three small group rotations, each with a different activity.

The duration of each small group varies depending on the event but on average, each small group activity can last from 20 – 30 minutes.

A well-charged smartphone is a requirement to participate in a Secret RSVP event.

If you arrive late to your event, simply notify the host (info@srsvp.com) and they will check you in when you arrive.

This depends on the type and nature of the event. Secret RSVP events tend to be large-scale with at least 40 participants on the low side and up to the hundreds on the high side. However, you will always be connected with others in smaller groups that are within proportion of the overall event size with a fairly equal gender split.

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