5 key themes at our Valentine’s singles event in Calgary

The thought of attending a singles event can be nerve-wrecking! Imagine putting yourself out there, open to the risk of rejection, feeling the intense pressure of having to mingle with strangers and not knowing if you will find chemistry with anyone in the room! Well, this picture is far from the truth at our Secret RSVP Games and Mingle Event on Valentine’s Day. It was yet another sold-out event, with close to 50 wonderful singles keen on meeting real people and making real connections.

Here’s a low down on the ambiance of our latest Secret RSVP event:

Strangers transfixed in a gaze

Remember your last singles mixer or speed dating event? Would you have found the nerve to stare at a stranger without speaking for 1 minute?

Our large group ice-breaker really set the tone. Armed with a bingo card with a variety of unique characteristics and interactive activities, our esteemed guests went about their mission to be the first to fill their cards with names of guests of the opposite gender. Of course, the ploy was really to test first impressions, and identify potential candidates for their secret guest lists. My most memorable moment was when I saw two of our guests, who had likely just met two minutes earlier, transfixed in a gaze at each other. I soon realized they were working on the one Bingo square that said “Stare into each other’s eyes for 1 minute (without talking)!” A couple of cards we got back had “without talking” crossed off and replaced with “without kissing”! It must have been hard in an atmosphere charged with Cupid’s magic to resist kissing a stranger.

A battle of sexes breeds camaraderie

Which singles mixers have you been to encourage you to build strong bonds with other singles, particularly members of your gender? Um… virtually none! You get to mingle with singles, hopefully discover chemistry, AND potentially make new BFFs! It’s a bonus all-around!

The connections that followed in our small groups were impressive! It is always impacting to see our get-to-know-you games creating camaraderie amongst strangers. It was Gals vs Guys for our kick-off small group activity, “Never Have I Ever”. Each gender competed for Hershey’s Chocolate kisses (what could possibly beat Hershey’s Kisses?!) as they wrecked their brains to name something they have never done that they think everyone else in the opposite gender must have done. OK, some guys tried to spring a gender-biased activity (such as “I have never peed sitting down”) and were immediately called out by our vigilant hosts. Unlike our previous events where the ladies are known to ace this game, however, much to our surprise, this time there were two groups where the Guys beat the Gals.

A different kind of pressure

Judging from the LOLs and how everyone was just into the interactions, the evening was definitely pressure-free in terms of the “feeling-awkward-about-meeting-potential-suitors” way. There was, however, a different kind of pressure with the “Line Up” game. Energy levels rose and the room got rowdy as teams raced to be the first to line up in order of whatever our lovely hosts deemed as the “quality of choice”. Each team scrambled in record time to arrange themselves based on their height; hair shade; hair length, distance from thumb to pinky, etc. All in all, this was my personal favorite and definitely one game I’d love to see in more Secret RSVP events!


A time of discovery

We threw in a slight twist for the final round of small group connections with a game we call “I-NO, UNO” – a variation of the UNO card game where players used the Secret RSVP original “I-NO” cards to learn more about everyone in their team. This was a hit with many of our guests because they got a chance to play the age-old favorite game of UNO, interjected with the opportunity to discover more about the folks at their table. Let’s just say, we broke ice.

And the social experience continues

As the evening drew to a close, the highest compliment we received that evening was when several guests came up to us and asked when our next event is. Not only is it satisfying as one of the creators of Secret RSVP to see strangers come together and make new connections, it is even more rewarding to know they want to come back for more! Of course, we designed Secret RSVP to keep the social experience alive. Following the event, we are excited that many of our guests have taken advantage of the post-event messaging system within our app to continue to connect with the people they met that evening.

Because that’s what we’re all about – meeting real people and making real connections.