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Increase Your Revenues
Stand out from your competition and increase revenues with a unique and modern experience.
Expand Your Market
Give singles tired of dating apps or not interested in typical dating events a fun, social and relaxed alternative.
Large-Scale Quality Events
Host large-scale events while providing a safe, fun and modern way for singles to make genuine connections.

Join the Next Revolution in Singles Events

Secret RSVP is a patent-pending platform engine and event system that powers real-time connections between singles at live events.

We offer a range of solutions for your business or community to use this platform to run your own singles events!

How it works

How We Help Our Partners


Pastor Cory Harasym was looking for better ways to help connect their singles members at their church.

They had tried speed dating but that didn’t work out in workload and results. They liked the Secret RSVP concept because it was not just a great and relaxed way for connecting singles but also social and helpful in forming friendships as well.

Here’s his experience after running their first Secret RSVP event:

"Secret RSVP is a fantastic way to help break the ice for any medium-large scale social event. I love that we can utilize technology to do all the large group mixing which means more time for small group mingling. It has been a pleasure working with Jen and Jason as they are committed and passionate people who work hard at what they do. Technology, in the right hands, can be used to bring people together and help form relationships in real life, and this software absolutely does this."
Testimonial by Cory Harasym, Small Group Pastor
Cory Harasym, Small Group Pastor
First Alliance Church


"Secret RSVP was an amazing value add to our daters experience. The games were a brilliant way for daters to shake nervous jitters. Secret RSVP is exactly what dating deserves!"
Testimonial by Maliaka Mealy, Events Producer
Maliaka Mealy, Events Producer
DC Fray / United Fray
"The event went great! It was so much fun! I got some great feedback!"
Testimonial by Amanda Rose, Matchmaker
Amanda Rose, Matchmaker
Dating Boutique Inc
"I just wanted to thank you both so very much for walking us through the night we had here. I think it was a great success. Lot’s of good feedback from the participants…..so again, thank you for all your hard work, and support."
Testimonial by Edward Lewis, Lead Pastor
Edward Lewis, Lead Pastor
Southwest Church

Are you the right partner?

Singles Businesses

We are a great fit for singles businesses (i.e. matchmakers, date coaches, dating event companies) who already have a strong knowledge, experience and established reach with the singles market.

Religious and Community Organizations

We make it easy for your religious or community organization to manage large-scale events while helping your singles members make genuine connections for dating and friendships.

Sports & Activity Businesses

You may be someone with a gift, talent or expertise in a specialty area that can be turned into a fun-filled activity for singles. Popular activities with singles include wine-tasting, painting, team-building, tours, etc. Find a great venue and you can showcase your expertise using Secret RSVP’s way of meeting while your clients learn something new.

Professional Associations & Social Clubs

Expand your member-base while giving existing members unique, modern and quality events that help them connect for dating, friendship and networking benefits.

Venues that run events

If you run an established bricks-and-mortar venue that offers specialty event activities for singles, Secret RSVP would be a great fit. We can help you fill your venue and bring in new customers that never would have found you.

Charity & Volunteer Associations

We love to give back and so do many of the singles we meet. Get in touch with us if you’re interested in putting together an event for a good cause that will also bring singles together over shared values.


Whichever category your business or organization falls into, you are the right partner if you want to put Secret RSVP to great use and help bring singles together to make genuine connections.

What can you expect from us?

Just as we expect the best from our partners, we provide the best support for our partners as well.

As a Secret RSVP partner, you can expect to be supported through every event, from the planning phase to the actual event day and during the event.

Continuous improvement is important to us. Following your event, we conduct a post-event evaluation with you and determine the successes and opportunities for improvement in order to better serve your needs.

Interested? Let’s Connect.

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