5 chances to make an impression at a singles event

In most speed dating events, you only get one chance to make an impression – during your 5-minute mini-date. You either make it or break it, within those five precious minutes. With mixers, on the other hand, you’re left to approach those you fancy on your own. This can be awkward and highly-nerve wrecking, especially when the one you’re interested in is surrounded by friends they came to the event with.

Secret RSVP events are one of a kind. At a live singles social event, the Secret RSVP app lets you view the profiles of everyone of the opposite gender at the event. You can then add anyone you are curious about to your secret guest list, which increases your chances of meeting them in smaller groups.

If you were paying attention in your Grade 6 Probability Math class, you will know that you won’t get to meet everyone in your secret guest list because an average Secret RSVP event is only 2.5 hours long. That’s why we designed Secret RSVP to maximize the chances for interaction with as many people as possible on multiple occasions throughout the evening – 5 ways to be exact! So take advantage of each opportunity as much as possible!


1. The arrival and check-in process

Don’t dismiss your arrival and check-in as a non-event. This is truly the point where we find many guests start browsing profiles and adding to their guest lists. What are they going by? It’s likely your profile, which is why it is important to pay attention to your profile (more on that in a future post). But don’t worry, your profile is just half the story. That’s why we call the event profile your living profile. Remember, you in-person is just as important as your event profile.

When you first arrive, what is your body language communicating? What vibes are you sending? If you saw you, would you be interested to meet you?


Do you smile when you catch someone’s eye? It’s perfectly ok if your head is down most of the time looking at your phone. In fact, a Secret RSVP event is likely one of the rare places at a social event where it’s socially acceptable to be looking at your phone in the company of folks around you! But watch your body language – keep those arms away from your body! Keep your arms open as if you are inviting anyone interested to add you to their guest list.

2. The large group ice breaker

Right off the bat, the large group ice breaker is where the most crucial first impressions happen. Our event stats show that most guest list activity happens right after this so give it your best shot! We design the large ice breaker to encourage as much mingling as possible with everyone, including guests of the opposite gender. Try not to stay in one spot or chat with only one person. Take advantage of the ice breaker mission to wander around and introduce yourself to as many people as possible. If you are attending an event with a friend, don’t stick with them. Venture out because someone may be interested to meet you and it is hard to approach you when you are with someone else.

3. The live-matched small groups

Every Secret RSVP event includes an average of 3 small group rounds. You are invited to your group for a specific reason, including that you have indicated interest in someone in the group; someone(s) has indicated interest in you; you may be connected in some other way to one or a few folks in the group (not necessarily because of a direct interest); or for other proprietary factors. We keep the connections secret for everyone’s privacy. And it allows everyone to learn more about everyone in the group, have fun, and maybe discover chemistry.


In general, ladies tend to add an average of 3 guys to their secret guest list; while guys tend to have more than double that number of guests in their list.

Many post-event connections happen here. It is always exciting to see the dynamics between two people who have mutual interest in each other being brought together in the same group. The small group interactions serve as a way for everyone to find out if there is any romantic connection, with no strings attached. Of course, the activities in the small groups are designed to have groups play and get to know one another so keep an open mind and just enjoy yourself! Approach the event from the perspective that you are there to make new friends.

Once again, if you are attending the event with a friend, don’t ditch your assigned group and stick to your friend! You are there for a reason and someone may be interested to meet you!

4. Post-event messaging

About an hour after the event, messaging capability opens up in the app, where you can communicate with anyone of the opposite gender from the event. By now you would have had enough talking points from the event to start a conversation with someone you fancy. We typically set the messaging window to about 2 days because we do want you to ‘strike while the iron is hot’! Don’t be shy – reach out and message those you are interested in. If you need ideas for conversation starters, watch out for a future post.

Ladies, don’t wait for a guy you fancy to message you first. Guys and gals date very differently (see a future post on this).

And guys, come on – don’t keep the gals waiting!!!

5. Post-event gatherings

We often see our guests hanging around even after an event ends. This is a great way to keep the social experience going if someone you are interested in is in the after-event party.  But remember to stay safe always!

Approach every event as an opportunity to meet new friends. Remember, dating is after all, a numbers game. The more friends you make, the higher your chance of discovering chemistry with a potential love interest. And with Secret RSVP events, currently available in Calgary, Toronto, and North Carolina, you get 5 chances to make an impression and hopefully, make some meaningful connections.

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