The Games We Play

It’s always FUNTASTIC to see our guests hang out long after the event is over! That tells us that folks are actually enjoying the company of new friends they have just found. It’s even more gratifying to get messages after the event where folks say they made a lot of great friends!

It is a reality that once you leave school, you lose touch with your friends. Life happens – friends move, get married, move on… sometimes you are the one who is left behind.

I’m one of those friends who upped and moved halfway across the world and left a few of my BFFs behind. I have lost touch with some of them. But it’s always heartwarming when there are those you haven’t met in a long time who can pick up where you left off when you meet once again, as if time stood still.

Back to our games. The games we play at Secret RSVP events have a two-fold purpose: first, to build new friendships and secondly, to test the potential of a romantic relationship.


I am always amazed at the transformation before, during and after an event. When folks arrive at a Secret RSVP event, everyone is nervous and the phone just serves as a welcome distraction. When we first designed Secret RSVP, we had no idea if it would be awkward for folks to stand around surfing profiles on the phone while the real person is in the vicinity! But amazingly, this behaviour of being on the phone around others has become a social norm that it has turned into an advantage because it takes away the pressure and awkwardness of having to start a conversation with strangers. Everyone settles quite nicely into their own little area as they get checked in at the event and check out who’s present. Our host takes everyone through each activity, which further reduces the need to approach anyone. In fact, there is a method to the madness in the games we play! We design our games to begin with pressure-free ice-breakers, followed by games that increasingly build camaraderie as people get more comfortable with one another. The team dynamic really starts to get interesting when we throw in alittle bit of competition among teams in some of the games! In fact, when we finally end with the wind-down, get-to-know-one-another game in the final round of live-matched small groups, some of our singles are still in competitive mode! Everyone is relaxed and comfortable, and in a span of 2.5 (and more) hours, everyone has become best buddies. You’d think it’s a gathering of old friends.

Potential Romantic Relationships

A good foundation for lasting relationships is whether a couple works together as a team or quite plainly, for themselves. Relationships, yes even romantic ones, involve some degree of sacrifice. The most successful and long-lasting relationships involve individuals who are willing to put the needs of a partner above themselves in a healthy and positive situation simply because you genuinely love and value them. The games we play are designed to bring out the true nature of your potential love interest. Through each live-matched small group, you can really get to discover how someone is able to work within a team environment (or not!) towards a common goal; and how someone behaves in the light of friendly competition. This really helps you discover chemistry. And chemistry is so much more than sharing common interests, loving the same types of movies, or having similar tastes in music. No, it’s much more complex than that. It could be the way he laughs; the way she warmly includes everyone in the group; the way he lets you win; or the way she is so focused on crushing the competition. The beauty of this is it’s different for everyone because each one of us is unique, and have our own set of innate definitions of what gets us excited, or turned off. Our games open up opportunities for everyone to be themselves, get lost in the fun and humor, and interact as ourselves with other human beings. That’s the kind of stuff that makes chemistry happen.

One of the biggest hits at our events so far is our Secret RSVP I-KNOW cards. They contain a variety of insightful questions that allow everyone to get to know one another in a light-hearted and fun way. Our guests often ditch the accompanying games (such as UNO, or JENGA) and stay on after the evening is over to just play the I-KNOW cards!

At the end of the day, Secret RSVP events are about meeting real people and finding real connections – both for friendships and romantic relationships; because we believe that the foundation of a lasting relationship starts with a genuine connection between two people who are first friends.

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