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Let technology do the work for you! When you secretly add those you’re interested to meet at a live event, our patented live-matching algorithm springs into action and assigns EVERYONE into smaller, more intimate groups for a round of SUPER-FUN games designed to help you discover personalities. There are usually 3 rounds of live-matching small groups per event.

Secret RSVP is a unique way for singles to meet new people and connect for genuine relationships. Our events are specially designed for you to meet others in a relaxed and casual setting with low pressure.

In a live event, usually with between 35 to 60 singles, you can simply use the Secret RSVP app to secretly choose whom you’re interested to meet in smaller intimate groups for fun ice-breaker games and activities! No one will know whom you’re interested to learn more about. You can just focus on being yourself and showing others your shining personality – you know, the one that makes you attractive as a person in real life! 

Learn more about how Secret RSVP is different (and in our opinion, way better!) than online dating, speed dating, or singles mixers.

Messaging capability opens up shortly after the event ends so you can continue the social experience with anyone you have met at the event. Messaging is typically available for 2 – 3 days post-event.

We understand that meeting singles can be nerve-wracking. The extra moral support from friends can help (and our hosts are great with helping you feel comfy too)! After all, this is a social event so your friends are always welcome to come along with you. Just remember that they also need a ticket and will be required to create a unique profile, and be prepared to join different groups to meet different people.

Nope! We’re fully-electronic! Once you have registered for the event, we will have your registration details so there is no need to bring your printed ticket.

We created Secret RSVP out of a passion to help everyone be social, and hopefully discover chemistry secretly. Therefore, our vision is for Secret RSVP events to be in every corner of this beautiful planet for people of all ages.

For now, we are limited by demand but with your help in spreading the word about us, we know that our vision will be fulfilled someday.

In the meantime, if you do not see any events within your desired age range, please let us know you’re interested in attending our singles events by adding yourself here.

Secret RSVP events are fully-hosted, large-scale events. The size varies and can be between 35+ to more than 60 singles per event, with close to equal gender ratio.

Whether you’re an introvert, extrovert, shy or out-going, we attract all types of friendly and professional singles. We also see people come back to our events and bring their friends so we must be doing something right. We think it’s largely due to the way we designed Secret RSVP events to be a low-pressure way to connect IRL and that’s something we all need to do more of these days.

We are very meticulous about bringing a close to equal gender ratio at our events. This is definitely not an easy task and not something that will be achieved if we were just concerned about earning revenues! This is why we manage our ticket sales and sometimes, tickets do open up at the last minute. So please put yourself on the wait list if the ticket you wish to purchase is sold out because tickets often do open up closer to the event.

The standard ages for our events are between 25 – 43 years young, but we do allow a 1 – 2 year leeway outside these ranges. If you’re outside this age range, please let us know your interest by completing our wait list form for a future event. 

You can only view the profiles of event attendees once you are checked-in by our event host at the event. This also keeps your profile private and visible only to those committed to attending the event.