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Choose Secretly

At the event, use your phone to discreetly select whom you’re interested in meeting.


Connect and Play

Get matched with others and enjoy engaging games in a relaxed, intimate setting with small groups.


Discover Chemistry

Explore and discover new friendships or romantic relationships.


July 26Sold Out
Sep 13Early Bird

Date: Sep 13th, 2024
Time: 7pm (Check-In)
Venue: Firkin on the Bay
Address: 68 Marine Parade Drive, Toronto, ON M8V 1A1
Ages: 25 – 43
Attire: Smart Casual

  • Unique and patented live-matching experience, connecting you with like-minded singles.
  • A fun night filled with laughter and engaging conversations.
  • Fun, interactive proprietary games that break the ice and forge bonds.
  • Live-matched small groups in a safe and comfortable experience.
  • Connect from 40 to 60 professional singles in one evening.

Whether you’re seeking a romantic connection or simply looking to expand your social circle, this event promises to be a night to remember. Connect with many professional singles who are genuinely excited to engage throughout the evening.

You don’t have to approach anyone (because we all know that can be nerve-wrecking!). Simply use our app to indicate who catches your eye. As the evening unfolds, you’ll be invited to join smaller groups you’re connected with through our patented live-matching technology, allowing you to effortlessly get to know each other through our proprietary games all without the awkwardness of traditional speed dating.

Firkin on the Bay, 68 Marine Parade Drive, Toronto, ON M8V 1A1 (private area upstairs).

Situated just 15 minutes by car from downtown Toronto, this British-style pub offers a prime lakeside location with stunning views of the city’s skyline. Nestled close to picturesque parks and trails, it combines the charm of a classic pub with breathtaking (and romantic :)) natural and urban scenery. Street parking is available all along Marine Parade Drive, with convenient TTC access.


Embark on an exhilarating journey with our “Around the World” themed event. Dive into tales of adventure and passion as we explore the diverse cultures and experiences that make life truly extraordinary. Whether it’s thrilling escapades or heartfelt stories, this event promises to inspire and ignite your wanderlust. Discover the beauty of living life to its fullest, one story at a time.


Our events feature a series of proprietary games and activities designed and tested to entertain and help you make authentic connections.

From lively group challenges to intriguing icebreakers, each game is crafted to ensure you have a memorable evening.

You’ll experience the excitement of unique and engaging activities that will have you laughing, connecting, and enjoying every moment. Our innovative games promise surprises and spontaneous fun, making it easy to meet new people without any awkwardness.

Join us for an evening full of mystery, excitement, and genuine connections, and be part of the most thrilling singles event!

What’s included?
Live-matching experience (patented, one-of-a-kind)
Fun games
Post-event messaging

What’s NOT included?
Your fully-charged smartphone which you will use to view and add your guests.
A cash or credit bar is available for drinks which we encourage using to support the venue hosting us (drinks not included).

What’s the average size of a Secret RSVP™ event?
Secret RSVP™ events are fully-hosted, medium to large-scale events. We normally attract between 40 to 60+ singles per event, with close to equal gender ratio.

When can I see the profiles of other guests going to the event?
You can only view the profiles of event attendees once you are checked-in by our event host at the event. This also keeps your profile private and visible only to those committed to attending the event.

How does messaging work with the event app?
After the event ends, messaging will be unlocked in the app (30 – 60 minutes after) so you can start sending messages to those you met at the event and continue the social experience.

What should I bring to the event?
Your lovely self and personal fully-charged smartphone!

What’s the dress code?
Smart casual always works!

More questions? Read our Events FAQ at the bottom of the page.

Do You Accept Walk-Ins?
To ensure a balanced gender ratio and a smooth check-in experience, we don’t accept walk-ins at the door. Our events often sell out early but if any tickets are still available on the day of the event, sales will close well before the event starts.

Booking Confirmation
You will receive an email confirmation shortly after booking your tickets. If you cannot find the message in your inbox, please check your spam folder or contact us for assistance (do not make a second booking). Please review your booking carefully before checking out.

The Experience
This is an indoor experience which will take place in either a secret or revealed venue location.

Ticket Types
All tickets are issued as Standard entries and include a general admission to the experience. When tickets sell out, a waitlist will be opened.

All sales are final. See full terms and conditions.

How Events Work

Watch our quick video to see how our live-matched events help women and men find their perfect match. Understand the process, get a glimpse of what to expect, and learn why our events are a favorite among singles looking for meaningful connections.

Choose Secretly

At the event, use your phone to discreetly select whom you’re interested in meeting.

  • Choose Anonymously
    No one will know you’re interested.
  • Many Singles
    Our medium to large-scale events offer you the chance to meet a wide variety of singles in just one evening.

Connect and Play

Get matched with others and enjoy engaging games in a relaxed, intimate setting with small groups.

  • Live Secret Matching
    Get matched in real-time with people you’re secretly connected with.
  • Interactive Gameplay
    Engage in fun and interactive games in a relaxed setting with small, intimate groups.
  • Dynamic Rounds
    Each round introduces you to new groups and fresh connections, making the experience exciting and unpredictable.

“You Can Discover More About a Person in an Hour of Play than in a Year of Conversation” — Plato

Discover Chemistry

Explore and discover new friendships and romantic relationships.

  • Make New Connections
    Our events are designed to help you forge meaningful relationships, whether you’re interested in friendship or romance.
  • Harness the Power of Mystery
    The proven psychological elements of mystery captures attention and enhances attraction, making social interactions more engaging and memorable.
  • Experience Authenticity
    Engage in activities that encourage genuine interactions, helping you discover real chemistry beyond the screen.

What Attendees Say

Over the years we’ve listened to the great feedback from our singles and have continued to improve the Secret RSVP™ experience into what it is today!

The Impact of Our Events

After hosting over 1000s of singles we have learned a few things:

High Event

Attendees frequently update their guest lists as they connect or spot interesting people, making for a truly dynamic and interactive experience.

After-Event Chat

Attendees remain engaged post-event, continuing conversations based on shared experiences and talking points from the night.

Events Often Extend Into Overtime

Our hosts may be weary, but it signals a successful night! Spontaneous after-parties often form, extending the fun.

Event App

Add Guest

Add someone at the event to your Secret Guest list
This is used by the live-matching algorithm

Secret Guest list

See all the attendees you’ve added

SRSVP (Secret Invites)

During the event, you’ll receive invites to secretly matched groups

Send Message

Send a message to someone from the event
NOTE: You can only send messages shortly after the event ends

Patented Technology

Our innovative technology is protected under patent, ensuring a unique and unparalleled experience at every event.

Partner Cities

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Toronto Hosts

Toronto Venues

The type of venue is an important part of our events experience so we tend to select venues best for socializing and activities.

We’re particularly interested in Toronto’s Entertainment District where you might see a lot of our events in. Old Toronto, Queens Park in Yorkville and Little Italy, with their popular restaurants, pubs and fancy lounges, are also great options for Secret RSVP™’s unique singles events.

We often keep the exact locations of our venues private and only reveal that to our registered guests to maintain the privacy of our members.

Toronto Singles Events FAQ

Our events are unique in every city we host in. If your question isn’t answered here, visit our event support FAQ page.

Toronto is the New York City of Canada. It’s the central hub for business, tech, entertainment, and culture, making it a hot spot for young professionals like you. Toronto is famous for its diverse population, rich culture, and always-on-the-go vibe.

As a single living in Toronto, you’re part of a vibrant and dynamic city where people from all over the world come to call home. According to the latest Statistics Canada data, Toronto has the highest number of singles in all of Canada, giving you a huge dating pool of professionals to connect with! Singles from top neighborhoods like Little Italy, Queen Street West, Church and Wellesley, Yonge and Eglinton, King Street, and Liberty Village, all come to our events.

Imagine seeing Toronto’s night lights from the top of the CN Tower, having a picnic on the beach at Toronto Island Park, checking out local art at the Art Gallery of Ontario, or feeling the classic romance vibes at Casa Loma. Some of our favorite spots in Toronto also include Niagara Falls, the Toronto Botanical Garden, and the Distillery Historic District – all must-visit locations that make Toronto so unique.

Toronto’s buzzing atmosphere makes it one of the best places to find love. The great news is, Toronto’s dating scene is thriving, with singles eager to get out and meet people IRL after the lockdowns! Forget swiping on dating apps. While hitting up bars, joining Meetup clubs, speed dating, or even dog parks might be options, there’s a new way to meet awesome, fun-loving, and adventurous singles like you!

Toronto is such a perfect fit for our events, and we couldn’t wait to launch here. With its vibrant city life that includes some of the world’s finest restaurants, pubs, and venues, Toronto truly is Canada’s “city that never sleeps.”

Secret RSVP™ events are rich in theme – even down to what we name our tables where attendees meet and interact. This not only creates great conversation starters but also gives our guests a unique story to tell about how they met their special someone. Imagine attending one of Secret RSVP™’s travel-themed events and meeting your special someone at a table named after an exotic place, like the Cayman Islands. You can relive your experience with, “I met her in the Cayman Islands!”

With Toronto’s unique culture and eclectic venues, we have endless options for adding flavor to our event themes. It’s like giving an artist a blank canvas and a diverse palette of colors.

The singles who attend our events are a diverse mix of professions, backgrounds, and personalities, reflecting the diversity that makes Toronto special. We know that Torontonians love trying new things, are adventurous, and enjoy meeting new people. We’ve been impressed with the curiosity and excitement for Secret RSVP™’s new and patented social concept among Toronto’s singles. In today’s dating scene, it’s refreshing to see that singles in Toronto are eager to meet real people and experience real connections.

Toronto is home to many diverse cultures with people from all over the world. This rich ethnic influence is why Toronto boasts such amazing restaurants, bars, and pubs. We’re selective about where we host our events because we aim for venues that offer the perfect blend of a soiree experience while allowing for great conversations in a fun, relaxed, and classy setting. (You need to hear someone to get to know someone!)

At times, we might not reveal our event venues openly on the event page. Only event ticket holders will have access to this exclusive information when their tickets are confirmed upon purchase. This helps prevent party crashers (yes, it has happened before!) and ensures we maintain an even gender ratio to optimize live matching.

You can always expect Secret RSVP™ events to be hosted in the trendiest and most accessible parts of Toronto, including Bloor West Village, Greektown, Kensington, and King Street West. We’re constantly exploring new venues and locations, so if you have suggestions or would love to partner with us, we are all ears.

Secret RSVP™ is designed as a fresh alternative to speed dating. Some have called Secret RSVP™ “online dating in reverse” or “speed dating in groups,” but we like to think of it as the world’s first live-matched events! We’ve taken the best elements of traditional dating methods, ditched the worst parts, and added our own unique twist.Speed dating can be fun for some, but it’s not for everyone—and it’s definitely not our style! Toronto has plenty of speed dating events if that’s your thing. However, if you’re looking for something unique, modern, and way more interesting, Secret RSVP™ is for you. We combine live-matching technology with engaging activities to create an unforgettable experience.

Discover how Secret RSVP™ stands out from online dating, speed dating, and singles mixers in a big way.

Yes, all our dating nights in Toronto are tailored to specific age groups, but we do allow a 1-2 year leeway. If you’re just outside the age range, please let us know your interest by joining our club list for future events that fit your age group. We want to ensure everyone has the best possible experience by connecting with people at a similar life stage.

The best way to stay in the loop about our exciting new plans is to join our Secret RSVP Club list. By signing up, you’ll be the first to know when tickets for our upcoming events become available. We have some amazing new themes and activities in the works, so don’t miss out!

Secret RSVP™ has been featured in several news outlets and online publications, highlighting our innovative concept and positive attendee experiences. Check out our media page to see how we’ve garnered media attention and why our events are the talk of the town. Discover why Secret RSVP™ is the go-to choice for singles looking for authentic and enjoyable connections.

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