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How Events Work

Choose Secretly

At the event, use your phone to secretly add those you’re interested to meet

  • Connect and discover others without interests known
  • Choose from many singles at our medium to large-scale events


We secretly match everyone LIVE to those you’re connected with

  • Play games while getting to know others in small, intimate groups
  • Each round has new groups and connections to discover


Many leave our events with newly formed romantic and social connections

Event App

Add Guest

Add someone at the event to your Secret Guest list
This is used by the live-matching algorithm

Secret Guest list

See all the attendees you’ve added

SRSVP (Secret Invites)

During the event, you’ll receive invites to secretly matched groups

Send Message

Send a message to someone from the event
NOTE: You can only send messages shortly after the event ends

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event FAQ

  • 2023 Date TBD
  • Secret Venue
  • 7pm (Check-In)
  • Toronto, ON
  • Ages: 28 – 40
  • Join Club List to be first in line for tickets.
    Last event SOLD OUT!

What’s included?
Live-matching experience (one-of-a-kind, patent pending)
Appetizers (YUM!)
Fun games
Post-event messaging

What’s NOT included?
Your fully-charged smartphone which you will use to view and add your guests.
A cash or credit bar is available for drinks which we encourage using to support the venue hosting us (drinks not included).

What’s the average size of a Secret RSVP event?
Secret RSVP events are fully-hosted, medium to large-scale events. We normally attract between 40 to 60+ singles per event, with close to equal gender ratio.

When can I see the profiles of other guests going to the event?
You can only view the profiles of event attendees once you are checked-in by our event host at the event. This also keeps your profile private and visible only to those committed to attending the event.

How does messaging work with the event app?
After the event ends, messaging will be unlocked in the app (30 – 60 minutes after) so you can start sending messages to those you met at the event and continue the social experience.

What should I bring to the event?
Your lovely self and personal fully-charged smartphone!

What’s the dress code?
Smart casual always works!

More questions? Read our Events FAQ at the bottom of the page.

Booking Confirmation
You will receive an email confirmation from Eventbrite shortly after booking your tickets. If you cannot find the message in your inbox, please check your spam folder or contact for assistance (do not make a second booking). Please review your booking carefully before checking out.

The Experience
This is an indoor experience which will take place in either a secret or revealed venue location.

Ticket Types
All tickets are issued as Standard entries and include a general admission to the experience. When tickets sell out, a waitlist will be opened.

Refund Policy
Refunds up to 7 days before event. Eventbrite’s fee is nonrefundable.

Toronto Hosts

Toronto Venues

The type of venue is an important part of our events experience so we tend to select venues best for socializing and activities.

We’re particularly interested in Toronto’s Entertainment District where you might see a lot of our events in. Old Toronto, Queens Park in Yorkville and Little Italy, with their popular restaurants, pubs and fancy lounges, are also great options for Secret RSVP’s unique singles events.

We often keep the exact locations of our venues private and only reveal that to our registered guests to maintain the privacy of our members.

Toronto Singles Events FAQ

Our events are unique in every city we host in. If your question isn’t answered here, visit our event support FAQ page.

Toronto is the New York City of Canada. The central hub for business, technology, entertainment and culture, Toronto is famous for its diverse population, rich culture and bustling vibe.

People from all over the world call Toronto home. The most recent Statistics Canada census data shows that Toronto has the highest number of male and female singles in all of Canada, which translates into a larger dating pool of professionals if you live here! Singles from the best Toronto neighborhoods for singles including Little Italy, Queen Street West, Church and Wellesley, Yonge and Eglinton, King Street, and Liberty Village, converge downtown for our events. 

Imagine taking in the sights of Toronto’s night lights at the top of the CN Tower, having a picnic on the beach at Toronto Island Park, appreciating local arts at the Art Gallery of Ontario, or fantasizing about classic romance from days old in Casa Loma. Our personal favorites about Toronto include the Niagara Falls, the Toronto Botanical Garden, and the Distillery Historic District – all iconic destinations that make Toronto the unique city it is. 

Toronto’s lively atmosphere makes it one of the best places to find love. The good news is, Toronto’s dating scene is alive and well, with singles raring to go out and socialize in real life (IRL) after two years of being locked down! Forget online dating. While you might think that your best chance of meeting new people in Toronto’s dating scene is at the local bar, a Meetup club, a speed dating event, or a dog park, there is a brand new way to mingle with other awesome, fun-loving and adventurous singles like you!

Toronto is such a perfect fit for our events and truth be told, we could not wait to launch here. With its vibrant city life that includes some of the world’s finest restaurants, pubs and venues, Toronto is Canada’s “city that never sleeps”.

Secret RSVP events are designed to be rich in theme – right down to what we name our tables where we invite attendees to meet and interact. We do this because it not only creates great talking points but also gives our guests a chance to tell their “story” of how they met their special someone. Imagine attending one of Secret RSVP’s travel-themed events and meeting your special someone at a table named after an exotic place, such as the Cayman Islands. You can relive your experience with “I met her in the Cayman Islands!”

With Toronto’s unique culture and eclectic venues, we have so many options to work with when it comes to bringing flavour to our event themes. It’s like giving an artist a blank canvas and a diverse palette of colors.

The types of singles our events attract include a diverse mix of professions, backgrounds and personalities which is a reflection of the diversity that makes Toronto. We know that Torontonians love trying new things, are adventurous, and love meeting new people. In fact, we have been impressed with the curiosity and excitement with Secret RSVP’s new social concept amongst Toronto’s singles. In today’s singles scene, it is refreshing to see that singles in Toronto do want to meet real people and experience real connections.

Toronto is home to many diverse cultures with people from all over the world. It is this rich ethnic influence that explains why Toronto is so blessed with such amazing restaurants, bars and pubs. We are picky with where we host our events because we strive for venues with the right balance of having a soiree experience and being able to actually enjoy conversations, while keeping things fun, relaxed and classy. (You have to hear someone to get to know someone!) 

At times, we may not reveal our event venues on the event page openly. Only event ticket holders will have access to such exclusive information when their tickets are confirmed upon purchase. This is to prevent people from *crashing* our parties (yes – it has happened before because tickets are limited, and it allows us to maintain an even gender ratio to optimize live matching).

You can always expect Secret RSVP events to be hosted in the most trendy and publicly accessible parts of Toronto, including in Bloor West Village, Greektown, Kensington, and King Street West (of course!) By the way, we’re always on the lookout for new venues and locations, so if you have suggestions or would love to partner with us, we are all ears.

We designed Secret RSVP as an alternative to speed dating. While some have described Secret RSVP as “online dating in reverse”, or “speed dating in groups”, Secret RSVP is really the world’s 1st live-matched events! We’ve taken the best of the most popular ways singles meet, removed the worst parts, and added our secret sauce!

While some people may enjoy speed dating as a method for meeting new people, we know it’s not for everyone and definitely not for us! There are always many speed dating events readily available so if that’s something you enjoy, then we won’t stand in your way. But, if you’d rather do something unique, fun, modern and more interesting then you’ve come to the right place! Learn more about how Secret RSVP is different (and in our opinion, way better!) than online dating, speed dating, or singles mixers.

All our dating nights in Toronto have a limit on specific ages, however, we do allow a 1 – 2-year leeway outside these ranges. So if you’re outside this age range, please let us know your interest by joining our club list for future events in your age group.

The best way to know what new things we have planned is to get on our Secret RSVP Club list. We’ll notify you as soon as tickets are available for any of our upcoming events!

We’ve actually been featured in a few places which you can read on our about page.

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